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Computers beyond repair can be recycled


Cracked Screen

Broken Charging Socket

Hard Drive Replacment

Ram Upgrade

New Battery

Data Backup

CPU Fan Issue

Dust Removal

Faulty Keyboard


Cracked Screen

Broken Charging Port

Faulty home button

DEAD Ear Speaker

DEAD Front / Rear Camera

Faulty Power Button

Depleting/dead Battery


Cmos Issue

Power Supply Replacement

Ram Upgrade

Hard Drive Replacement

Virus Removal

Driver Issues

Dust Removal

Data Backup







Laptop Batteries

APPLE IPAD & TABLET REPAIRS: We repair Apple iPads, Samsung & other tablet brands. A price will be agreed before any work is done and will carry a warranty on all parts used. The best quality components and digitizers are always used on all repairs to mobile devices.

LAPTOP REPAIRS: Please ‘Click Here’ to view our laptop repair price guide. Other laptop repairs are available including removal of spyware, virus infections, browser scam warnings, Windows update issues, blue screen, battery replacement & more ….

Repairs to laptops, desktops & tablets

Our Aim:

To complete all work professionally and within the quickest time possible to ensure you have your computer,laptop or tablet back working with all repairs carried out to a high standard.

To make sure our customers are both happy & satisfied with the quality of work we have done and at a price that reflects value for money for the time required to complete a professional repair and quality parts used.

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Repairs to laptops desktops tablets

Apple iPad Repairs

apple ipad repairs

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